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Fun ways to prepare and present snacks

May 14, 2020

Social distancing and self-quarantine are now the new normal. While food is the only knight in shining armour at home, people tend to get bored with the same thing every day. With food joints not operational, this is the ideal time to get creative with home-cooked meals. Utilise this lockdown phase and unleash a spate of creativity with your family. 

Here are some mouth-watering recipes to keep the foodie in you alive.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes:

Make your morning meal memorable when you whisk up a batch of flavourful, fluffy pancakes. Combining two favourite breakfast foods, these fluffy pancakes are swirled in a pool of cinnamon- sugar mixture and topped with a cream cheese drizzle. Now, that’s what we call heaven! One of the healthiest breakfast options, the batter is made with rolled oats, whole wheat flour, and oat milk. A warmed cream cheese glaze showered on top really completes this pancake. A complete package to satisfy your sweet hunger!

Baked Noodles Fritters (Pakore): 

Since the beginning of 2 minutes instant noodles, it has been appreciated for its taste and also formed an integral part of fusion recipes. One such recipe is Noodles Pakora made with cooked noodles and deep fried, which is a hit among urban dwellers. To make it a complete package of flavours, add finely sliced vegetables such as carrots, capsicum and onions in addition to cooked noodles. Make round shape fritters, coat them in besan and deep fry them on a medium flame until it turns golden and crisp. If you want to avoid oil, you may also bake the fritters in a microwave by coating them in cornflour. However, add less amount of water while cooking noodles, else it will make them soggy. 

Corn and Paneer Chilla (Corn and Paneer Crepes):  

Give your regular besan chilla a little twist and make the delicious Corn Besan and Paneer Chilla. Serve it with Tomato Onion Chutney and a cup of your favourite Masala Chai for breakfast.

Available in most of the Indian kitchens, Chillas are thin crepes which are usually made with besan (gram flour) as the base ingredient. Easy to make, besan is a versatile ingredient that can be made into a batter, loaded with corn kernels and mashed paneer and spread on a flat frying pan to make a healthy crepe. In this recipe, we have crammed our chillas with golden corns steamed with green chilies and ginger. To give additional taste, you may also add grated cheese to the batter. Variation in the toppings can be tried with veggies such as green peas, carrot, potatoes etc.

Mushroom and Cheese Cutlets: 

Cheesy inside and crisp outside, mushroom cutlets or mushroom patties make for an excellent snack or appetizer. Make these small wonders using sautéed chopped mushroom with onion mixed with mashed potatoes and ginger chilli paste. You can also add sliced greens like carrots and capsicum with a dash of cheese. Depending on your health and taste buds, you can either pan fry these cutlets or grill or bake them.

For a filling and yummy breakfast or lunch, these mushroom cutlets can also be added to burger buns. Just add some mayonnaise, sliced onions, tomatoes and lettuce.  Since mushrooms are known for reducing cholesterol and providing lean protein, this recipe has the charm of being both a party appetizer as well as a diet recipe.

Dim Sum Dessert:  

Momo Mia! No wonder, we Indians love Dim Sums or Momos. Instead of making a regular filing, give it a sweet twist and make fruity, creamy dim sum dessert at home. Ripe mangoes are pureed, then combined with coconut milk and sweetened gelatine. Refrigerate this mixture for few hours to settle. Alternatively, you can also use strawberries to make the filling.

You can make filling of your favourite veggies like carrots, cabbage, onion and mushroom for the savoury edition. Enclose the mixture in a thin layer of maida or whole wheat and steam. If you do not have a steamer, you can steam the momos in an idli maker.

This lockdown, all you need is a little patience and lots of creativity. And as rightly said, “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”. 

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