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Raise a ‘Toast’ with Bajaj Appliances

Feb 25, 2021

“Sandwiches are wonderful. You don't need a spoon or a plate!” – Paul Lynde.

Could we agree any more?

A tasty appetizer and a meal in itself, this delicious snack which acts as a saviour in the times of deep hunger and low bank of ingredients needs no introduction. Yes! We are talking about good old toast and sandwich that never disappoints and satiates your heart’s desires.

Simple, stuffed, grilled or toasted, we love sandwiches! They are quick to make, easy to eat and always filling.

However, do you know who invented this snack? The sandwich as we know it was popularized in England in 1762 by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich by mixing chopped nuts, apples, spices, herbs and wine between flat, unleavened bread slices.

On National Toast Day, we present you some scrumptious easy recipes that won't leave you hungry.

Closed Chicken Toast:

A wholesome toasted sandwich with chunky chicken pieces, chilli, onions, bell peppers, honey and a creamy avocado spread. Combine the chicken chunks, garlic powder, pepper powder, paprika, hot sauce, mayonnaise, and sour cream together in a large bowl. Sandwich the bread together and coat the outside lightly with mayonnaise. Place the closed toast in a Bajaj SWX 4 DLX Sandwich Maker with Grill Plate and grill until golden and crisp. Serve immediately either with tomato ketchup or cheese sauce.

Paneer Toast with Tomato Salsa:

Crumbed cottage cheese with sweet and tangy flavours of tamarind, mint and spices packed between bread slices and toasted till golden and crisp. Serve with fresh homemade tomato salsa. For a nice toasting experience, you can buy Bajaj SWX 3 DLX Sandwich Maker with Toast Plate or visit our online official store for more options.

Yellow Moong Toast:

A very unique and enticing treat, Yellow Moong Dal Toast is packed with flavours and off-beat texture that will surely sweep you off your feet. A coarse and thick batter of moong dal perked up with crunchy vegetables such as cabbage and onions and flavour enhancer such as lime, green chillies and fresh coriander is used as a spread on bread slices. Toast until golden brown and serve immediately with tomato ketchup.

Bajaj Pop-Up Toasters and sandwich toasters are simplistic yet extremely convenient kitchen appliances. Our pop-up toasters are incorporated with many straightforward technological features for the ease of its usage. Now have your favourite Avengers’ character on your toast, with Bajaj Avengers Pop-Up Toaster.

Toasted Samosa Sandwich:

Samosa! Does this street snack need any introduction? All-time favourite, this roadside recipe is made with commonly available ingredients and regular bread, so that you can conjure it up anytime you want. A simple and quick recipe, Samosa Sandwich is made with buttered bread, lined with green coriander chutney and sandwiched with a flattened samosa. Adding more crunchiness, vegetables such as capsicum and onions are added over the top with a little sprinkle of tangy sandwich masala. With Bajaj Samosa & Sandwich Maker, you can make two appetites easily. You can have healthy samosas in comparison to deep frying as the appliance consumes less fat, making it an asset for your family.

So, what’s topping your toast these days?


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