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Go the LED Way – Save the World!

Dec 04, 2017


Recently, the concern to keep one’s global footprint to a bare minimum has risen, and being taken much more seriously. Many interesting solutions like carpooling, recycling, re-using materials like plastic in road construction, etc. have come to the fore. But more than all of this, taking care for our surroundings and the ecological system begins right at home. How you may ask?

This is where LED lights step up to brighten your day, and to help save the environment.

Here’s a revelation: They are not just your ‘tiny’ lights. They are available in varied sizes and for different uses.

Too much light can be a wee bit annoying, but that is not the case with LED lights. “How is that?” you may ask. For starters, LEDs emit lesser heat; resulting the cooling costs to reduce. They also lose only 5% of the energy generated to heat, and the rest is light; whereas incandescent bulbs lose 90% of energy to heat. The difference is shocking, isn’t it? So, if you have been wanting a bulb for your rooms, you can opt for the Bajaj Corona LED Dimmable bulb.

Why you need to strongly consider LED lights?

Let us break this down for you, so that you can do your bit in saving the ecological system:

  • The yearly energy consumption of LED bulbs is nearly 10 times lower than that of an incandescent bulb!
  • LED lights don’t contain any toxic elements like Mercury, unlike Compact Fluorescent Lamps or commonly called as CFL. Due to this, the costs and time required in the disposal process is reduced considerably. This also means that you are not exposed to a lighting system that could be hazardous for your health and environment
  • The longevity of LED lights is impressive. Their chances at survival are 4 times more than CFL and 20 times more than a regular incandescent bulb

Caring for the Earth is of utmost importance. You need to make wiser lifestyle decisions to ensure that the environment is protected. After all, every small step you make towards saving your environment leads to a greater impact!


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