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LED Lights for Your Home

Dec 04, 2017


A lot has happened since LED lights were introduced into the market, that shine out from displays and signal lights all around us. Over the years, LED lights have become the medium for lighting applications.

If you’re wondering why we are making such a strong case for LED lights, it’s also because that they are super-compact, don’t use too much energy and don’t emit heat. Browse through our range of LED lights here.

Check out this list to see how handy LED lights can be, and maybe, you can use them in one of your own DIY projects.

1. If you’re always on-the-go, a frequent traveller or even a camper, you can carry the Bajaj Softlite. Also perfect for convenient late-night reading (it does not work on battery, it requires power). bajaj_softlight2. Long gone is the idea that LED lights are just tiny lights. Make your home energy efficient by simply fixing solar panel based LED lights on any flat surface or a fence. These can help in lighting up the dark areas from night to dawn, and even in renewing energy. enegry_efficient3. Recently moved into a new place or re-doing your interiors? Instead of going the modern route, give yo. Use Bajaj LED bulbs to light up your rooms, rather than choosing conventional (read: Old) lighting appliances. bajaj_led_bulbs4. Light up your memories with LED lights! lightupmemories

Why just pin your pictures to the wall when you can do so much more with LED lights? You can create a streamer of Bajaj LED Spot light and pin your pictures onto that. Switch it on and let the magic thrill you. It’s that simple!

Give your home a whole new vibe with LED lights. If you love do-it-yourself projects, using LED lights is something that you should not miss out on.


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Led driver 120 watt mrp

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