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3 Sure-Shot Ways to Tackle Cramps During Menstruation

Dec 04, 2017


It’s that time of the month when probably getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do! And with a whole day of work lined up ahead of you, it cannot get any worse.

Period cramps can take a toll on you if not kept in check. But, fret not! Here’s how you can use hot water to your benefit. All these methods are natural and soothing.

Heat the water using heating appliances like Bajaj Flora Instant Water Heater or Bajaj Caldia Storage Water Heater, and let the healing begin.

1) Warm compress for the win! warmcompress

Heat some water. Add it in a bowl and for better results, you can also mix a few drops of an essential oil like Lavender into it. Now dip a cloth in this water and squeeze it a little. Dab the cloth gently on your abdomen for about 15 to 20 minutes until you feel some relief. Your skin will absorb this steam, relax your muscles and ease the cramps.

2) Nothing like a hot shower hotshower
  • Make sure that your water is hot enough. Shower away all your cramps and stress. The cramps within your lower back can be easily tackled, using the soothing pressure of the flowing hot water combined with the heat.

3)  Experience the joy of a hot water bag waterbags

Nothing works better than simple remedies. All you need to do is just heat some water. Fill a water bag with it and place the hot water bag on your abdominal area or lower back, wherever it hurts the most. This will help in lowering the muscle tension and give you relief from your cramps.

With Bajaj Majesty Horizontal Storage Water Heater, now don’t let period cramps dither you from going through your day. The above-mentioned methods are some of the best solutions that can help you get through this troubling time with ease.


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