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Foods to eat before and after your yoga session

Jun 21, 2020


Since its inception in the year 2015, We celebrate International Yoga Day, commonly known as Yoga Day, on June 21 every year. Yoga expounds 'a healthy mind in a healthy body and is a powerful tool to deal with stress and isolation, as well as to maintain physical well-being.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reasoning for picking the date for honoring yoga was on account of the fact that this day marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which is considered as the longest day of the year and has special significance in various parts of the world.

A balanced diet in yoga is very important as it improves health, increases energy levels and maintains overall well being. To ensure good stamina, a complete meal should include good fats, proteins and carbohydrates, nutrients, both before and after yoga sessions.

This International Yoga Day, let us have a look at what to consume before and after yoga to make it more effective.

What to eat before yoga session?

To move, bend and stretch with ease, a person needs to be aware of how to fuel your body before a session. One could think of having simple carbohydrates with small amounts of protein, fat, or fiber for energy supply. According to dietitians and yoga trainers, some useful pre-yoga snacks include Banana or Apple with Peanut butter, Avocado Toast or Plain Hummus with Carrots or Homemade Protein Bars.Make your own protein bars by mixing dry fruits and nuts with honey.

If you prefer practicing yoga in the morning, it is advisable to eat fruits such as Bananas or Berries at least 45 minutes prior to your session. For a refreshing and energizing morning, kick-start your day with protein-rich foods such as Yogurt, Dried Fruits and Nuts, Oatmeal, Smoothies, and Eggs. Smoothies are convenient, simple and save you the time and stress of preparing a full meal. Just put your ingredients in the Blender or Juicer Mixer Grinder and you're set. With its compact and stylish design, Bajaj Electricals offers a wide range of blender options that will satisfy each buyer’s requirements and pockets suitably.

For those looking at practicing yoga sessions in the evening, you can have light snacks an hour or two before beginning to exercise. You can add a bowlful of Steamed Vegetables, Salads, or Nuts and Seeds to feel energised well enough to exercise.

Before your practice session, aim for snacks that are easy to digest and will help you stay loose. It is advisable to avoid spicy, fatty and acidic foods as these can upset your stomach, making you uncomfortable while you practice.

As a general rule, one should allow themselves 1-2 hours to digest after a light snack and 2-3 hours to digest after a light meal before the session.

What to eat after yoga session?

Drinking 2-3 litres of water every day is ideal for optimal health. You should drink water 30 minutes after you have exercised. Much like an intense workout, you need to regain after a session to avoid soreness, cramping and dehydration. Try infusing your water with cucumbers, lemons or limes to make it more nutritious.

Coconut water is also a good source of electrolytes. Focus on water-rich foods such as kiwis, citrus fruits, pineapple, watermelon, celery and tomatoes that will make you feel light and cleansed. It is advisable to avoid drinking caffeine and other sugary beverages that could dehydrate you.

After burning a lot of calories at the yoga session, it is necessary to offer your body with plenty of nutrients with calories. For a nutritious post-yoga dish, choose healthy vegetable or chicken broth soup. You can use carrots, celery, spinach or cabbages to make such soups.

You can eat a super nutritious meal after your yoga session. Indulge in a bowlful of fresh seasonal fruits or vegetable salads, Greek yogurt parfait with fruit, nuts, and granola, Tofu, or a Smoothie with blueberries, banana and mint.

Consuming natural sources of protein will help in repairing muscle tissues. According to a report in ‘The Yoga London’, you only need about 10 to 20 grams of protein to keep your muscles happy after a workout. You can have hard-boiled eggs or Grilled Chicken with boiled vegetables or Light Tuna Sandwich. For a hassle-free cooking experience, please visit for more Toasters and Sandwich Makers options.  Having your daily share of pulses will also keep you healthy.

Let’s pledge to eat right and stay healthy for a fulfilling life. And as rightly said, “Don’t focus on how much you eat, focus on what you eat.”


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