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Working remotely? Healthy choices to make in daily lifestyle

Mar 26, 2020


With the recent COVID-19 outbreak across the globe, organisations at all levels are taking preventive measures to curb the spread of the menace. After the advisory issued by the government, majority of the companies have announced ‘Work from Home’ in order to increase social distancing.

Working from home is always comforting. Imagine this: Your office chair is your sofa. Your commute is the length of your hallway. Your snack drawer is your entire pantry. Well everything could be a reality when you are working from home, but the dedication towards your work should exactly be the same – 100%. However, at the same time, working from home can present a unique set of challenges including interruptions, technical glitches, a less productive work environment and hampering eating habits impacting your overall health and diet.

However, with a little change to your daily routine, working from home and staying healthy can go together symbiotically.

Make regular exercise a habit:

Since you are working remotely, staying fit becomes one of the major challenges. And, with the recent advisory of government that all the gyms will be shut till further notice, staying in shape becomes a daunting task. Most of us have heard that habits are the key to getting fit and healthy. Why? Because you don’t have your fellow mates or visual office cues telling you it’s time to leave for lunch or go home for the day. Be it morning or evening, work out whenever it suits you or whenever you find the time. If you don’t like to exercise, try yoga to soothe your body and mind. If you are a dance enthusiast, perform your favourite steps which henceforth relaxes your overall body. Whatever you do, the only thing that matters is that you do exercise regularly to say healthy and fit.

Have enough sleep, every day.

Sleeping until noon isn’t an option while working from home. While, binge watching till 3 AM might affect your sleep schedule, making you lethargic. Hence, make it a goal to go to bed at the same hour every night. Set your alarm for the same time every morning. This will help in keeping your fitness goals stay on path and give your life a daily rhythm.

Take regular breaks:

It can be easy to get stuck in your space, especially since you feel comfortable in your space. However, no one should work for consecutively eight hours straight without a single break. Not only our body, our mind needs breaks too. If you are seating constantly, you may find difficulty in neck, shoulder, spinal cord etc. Hence, it is advisable to take regular breaks. Set a timer to remind you to get up and stretch once every hour. While working from home, do some household chores such as mopping or doing your laundry, which helps in keeping ourselves active and fit. Also, make sure to get some sunshine and fresh air.

Stay hydrated:

Staying hydrated should be the primary goal while you are working from home. Your body depends on water to survive and is needed for overall good health. Drinking water almost 2-3 litres is best for staying hydrated. Other drinks and foods can also help you stay hydrated. 

Explore new things:

Being home arrest is daunting, but this is a national emergency. Try and explore new things that energizes your body and uplifts your mood and spirit. Do Karaoke, cook new dishes, video chat with your close acquaintances or redecorate your space, let your creative side unfolds.

Keep a healthy eating atmosphere:

While working remotely, you're surrounded by your comfort food in your own kitchen all day. Make sure not to starve yourself until you can’t take it anymore. Eat at regular intervals of time and keep a stock of healthy snacks that will keep you energized and full such as almonds, bite-size fruit, and pure dark chocolate. Instead of gorging on a bag full of chips, try some of our healthy recipes such as Misal Nachos and Healthy Smoothies.

This too shall pass……...Stay Positive! Stay Home! Stay Safe!


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