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4 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Onam!

Aug 01, 2018


Any Malayali worth their salt knows the importance of Onam and its rituals. The grandeur of the festival that is spread across 10 days beautifully celebrates the legend of Mahabali as well as marks the harvesting of rice festival. Cleaning one’s home is definitely a mandate during this festival, but why not take this a step further and redecorate your abode, so that it sparkles with the festive spirit.

Here, we list a few economical ideas to revamp your home during this festival. Since time is of the essence here, you can also browse and buy a wide range of aesthetically pleasing and handy home and kitchen appliances, simply by clicking here.

Flower Power!

Decorating the entrance of your home with flowers is an almost sure thing during Onam (known as pookalam), but you can go a notch higher by displaying beautiful arrangement of flowers at strategic areas of your home like on an end table in the hallway or even the counter top in your kitchen.

Of course, if this becomes too much of a hassle, simply filling up a large earthen or copper bowl with water and decorating it up with rose petals will offer a stunning look.

Pro tip: Use your creativity and arrange flowers that don’t necessarily go together. Think peonies and sunflowers with birch twigs and pinecones.

And Then There was Light!

 If you are looking to make some additional modifications in your home but are not ready to commit to a complete interior make over, then simply change the lighting of your abode. Buy beautiful lamps with colourfull shades, striking pendant lights in wooden finish or stunning chandelier in muted gold tones to make an impact. Of course, do not forget to use only LED lights for your home. This way you end up caring for your environment as well.

You can even change the boring old ceiling fans for some attractive options. Bajaj offers a range of premium fans that will enhance the style-quotient of your décor. Jazzing up your home has never been this easy or cost-effective.

Pro tip: Make sure to have a defined theme for your home. As no matter how striking a light or fan is, if it doesn’t go with the theme, it will stick out like a sore thumb!

Bring in the Festive Cheer!

Another nifty way to make your home cheerful, is to take print outs of old photos with your family members and then making a collage for the focal wall. You can even stick individual photos on cardboards and hang them with strings at different heights. Revisiting memories of celebrating Onam together with friends and family will definitely be bittersweet for everyone.

You can also give your home a festive touch of Onam by adding Kathakali masks in the hallway or on a focal wall. Furthermore, adding brass lamps and gold-toned candles will elevate the festive theme. This will also bring the whole look of your home together.

Pro tip: If you are running short of time, just hanging different styles and sizes of picture-frame borders on a wall will instantly spunk it up. Later you can simply store them or use them in another DIY project.

Update Your Home Appliances!

Another way to easily modernize your home is to update the home appliances. This way you will have products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but perform better as well.  Simply, bring in the sleek pop-up toaster or the compact electric kettle from the house of Bajaj Electricals, and watch guests give your appliances appreciative second glances.

You can also revamp your cooking appliances with microwaves and OTGs available in different styles and capacity. Even bathrooms look much swankier, when you replace the mundane water heaters with a remote-controlled water heater that offers both convenience and style.

Pro tip: Do not rely just on style, make sure to check the warranty offered. A good brand will offer better after sales service and quality products.

There you have it! Simple ways to add value to your home right before the festive season.


User Comment Nivedita 8/3/2018 11:43:06 AM

Thank you for the tips!

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User Comment Sunita Singh 8/3/2018 12:37:04 PM

Thanks for the ideas

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User Comment Krishna Chaitanya 8/3/2018 1:53:50 PM

Well Articulated article!!!

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User Comment Zubair 8/3/2018 11:23:39 PM


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