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4 Ideas to Keep Your Ceiling Fans Clean & Breezy

Dec 04, 2017


Of the 24 hours in your day, time spent completing home chores might be the least interesting ever. And particularly, the minutes you spend cleaning your ceiling fan…

Now most people don’t bother, but it is essential that your fan is kept clean, always! We present nifty little hacks that will reduce your clean-time from minutes to seconds. CeilingFanWhether you’re using a Bajaj Kassels 50 or a Bajaj Elegance, or any other Bajaj fan, you can use these helpful tips when cleaning any or all types of our ceiling fans. pillowcover
  • Now your pillow cover is not only to cover your pillows anymore! You can use older pillow covers for your fans too. Wondering how? Simply place the cover on the fan-blade and pull it in your direction. The dirt gets trapped in the pillow-case and you simply need to turn the cover inside out, then dust or wash it. Amazing, right?
  • Your vacuum cleaner is not just for dust-bunnies in the corners of your house. You can use it to clean your fan too. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner has a dusting attachment. For best results, it should be wide and flat. Extend the handle and run it along the top and bottom of your fan’s blades. Once you turn the cleaner on, begin brushing the blades. The attachment helps in releasing the dust, so that it can be suctioned by the hose. And you thought that cleaning your fan was such a dreary chore, when it can be so easy.
  • If you are more the old-school type and don’t like to use technology for your chores, opt for a long-handled brush. Make sure that it is clean, so that you can accumulate all the dirt in one go, without leaving anything behind. And the best part? With these long brushes, you don’t even need to climb a stool or ladder, while cleaning your fans. They are fitted in with extenders, which makes your cleaning so simple.
  • You can always clean your fan the traditional way, with hand gloves and a dusting cloth, as well. (It is a tad bit tedious, but works well nevertheless.) Get closer to the fan, using a stool or step ladder. Spray some cleaning lotion over the blades to hold the dirt in place and leave surfaces with a polished effect. Wipe the blades using straight and linear strokes. Once you’re done, spray some lotion again and wipe it once more to tackle any remaining dust on the blades.
Use these simple hacks to ensure that you complete your cleaning chores in no time. Don’t ignore your ceiling fans, and clean them often for hygienic ventilation in your rooms. The effectiveness of these tricks will definitely make your head spin with joy!


User Comment Daph 12/23/2017 12:51:23 AM

Pillow covers! Wow- never thought of that.

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