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7 Ideas to Get Your Home Romance Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Feb 12, 2018


Come February, and you feel that love is definitely in the air! Everyone seems to be gearing up for the red-letter day. Whether you have just met “the one” or have been in love for decades now, who doesn’t want to enjoy the feeling of being in love? And, February the 14th serves as the perfect excuse. (Yes! We know. For some of us, 14th February seems cheesy and cliché, but sometimes, cliché is just what you need.)

Now, going to a fancy, romantic restaurant or resort has its perks, but why not bring that same feeling of romance home? Especially if you are running short on time. A few simple tweaks from the following list and your home could look something straight out of a romantic movie set.

A Dash of Red!

Now now, we know what you are thinking. Red and Valentine’s Day. How original!

Well, we are not saying 12 red roses (though that does make a fairly romantic point). There are a zillion other ways to add red to your décor. Think white balloons and red lipstick. Yup, just kiss the balloons all over and tie them in a corner. You can also create heart-shaped felt arrows, arrange them in a jar and place them on an end table. Even a single red cushion against a monochromatic setting can look quite striking. You just need to be open to more possibilities.

A Picture Does Speak A Thousand Words!

When did you first take a photo with your partner? What about that impromptu shot of your partner that you always find so adorable, even if he/she calls it lame?

Think of all the little moments that you have captured over a period of time. Choose few and create a collage of those. You can also take monochrome prints of all the candid moments of your partner and frame them on a wall.

Keep one frame blank. At the end of the date, click one more picture. A reminder of the perfect day!

For the perfect aroma!

Who wouldn’t love to walk into a room and smell the fragrance of mild and relaxing lavender or fresh and dewy lemon grass in the air? Scented candles definitely set the mood for an evening of romance. The glow of the candles and the subtle aroma in the air will absolutely charm your partner. Just burn them at strategic places around your home, and you are good to go!

We Have Two Words For You: Mood. Lighting.

If you play with your lights well, you can instantly set a serene or even a mysterious ambiance. If nothing else, just dimming the lights will get you half way there in the romance quotient. You can also just turn them off altogether, and deck up the home in candles.

In case you are willing to splurge, then go for some dimming lights from Bajaj that will set the perfect mood. You can even use some yellow fairy lights in jars and lanterns to add some mellow drama!

Table for Two!

Enjoying dinner at a fancy restaurant is definitely a good move, but celebrating the day in the quaint solitude of your home also has its charm. Spruce up the table by adding a silk table runner, bring out the new cutlery and set some fresh flowers on the table.

You can even use ribbons to tie the cutlery in place with a cute bow or add some heart-shaped cushions on the chairs for the wow factor.

Food: The Other Name for Love!

If you are anything like us, you won’t like to spend hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Rather indulging that time in getting ready for the evening makes more sense.  So, go ahead and order a fancy meal for two from your partner’s favourite restaurant, but make the dessert yourself. This will instantly add a personal touch that your partner will surely appreciate.

You can bake a cake or some heart-shaped cookies in your OTG. Don’t have an OTG yet? Click here for some quality options from Bajaj Electricals.

Snuggle In!

Create a comfy and inviting bed spread by adding some throw pillows, preferably with cute messages or cartoon sketches of you two. Go all out and splurge in some silk sheets and pillow covers for a lavish setting. Add a vase of flowers on the side table to take it up a notch (Ditch the rose. Instead go for tulips or peonies).

Don’t Forget the Most Important Element - YOU!

Amidst the entire chaos of doing up your home, do remember to spend some time on your own self as well. Indulge in pampering yourself. A nice red dress or sari will make any woman look va-va-voom! The man, on the other hand, can go for jeans with a red and white tee or a suit with a red tie.

Make sure that your outfit is freshly laundered. And in case this is very last minute, just   use a quality iron to do it yourself. Matching shoes and accessories will complete the look.  Now you are all set to surprise your partner.

Enough said! Now, go ahead and get your home Romance Ready.


User Comment Jagruti 2/13/2018 8:08:51 PM

Nice article! I have used Bajaj's dimmable bulbs. They are perfect for a romantic setting.

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User Comment Artheeta 2/13/2018 8:28:43 PM

This is so innovative and indeed romantic.

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User Comment Mithun Saha 2/13/2018 8:34:02 PM

Its lovely But I personally think this could the possible in neutral families. And also suitable for a certain age group. For a person of my age its just remembering the good times. Nevertheless a beautiful price of article. Very minutely taken of all small thinks which can change you mood and the day.

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User Comment Dalia Mitro. 2/13/2018 9:01:01 PM

Described nicely.

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User Comment Neha Pradhan 2/13/2018 9:51:23 PM

Absolutely love this blog! One of my favourites from all Bajaj blogs. Kind of makes me plan a special evening with my partner. Keep posting such stuff.

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User Comment Diparati Ghosh Dutta 2/13/2018 10:36:38 PM

Too good! Loved reading every bit of it :)

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