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Choose Stylish Fans to Complement Your Home!

Apr 12, 2018


Gone are the days of an ordinary looking fan spinning over your head, doing its basic thing. Ceiling fans have now stopped serving just a functional purpose, instead they have become a distinctive part of your home décor.  

Bajaj Electricals has an array of premium ceiling fans with decorative elements to suit your home decor. Here, we take you through different kinds of trendy fans that you can choose from based on your décor style.

Take the Basics Up a Notch!

The first thing while planning for a ceiling fan is to decide, whether you want it to blend in with the rest of the colour theme or do you want it to stand out.

Want your fan to add on to your room décor? Just choose a stylish option that fits the colour scheme of your room.

If your room has rich dark tones of colour, with a luxurious feel to it, then this elegant Bajaj fan will definitely enhance the look and feel of it. You can even use this fan to create a contrast in a room that is completely done up in pristine white (pictured above). Its powerful motor and 1200 MM sweep will ensure better air circulation, while its sleek body and opulent style will make it stand out.

In case you want to want to blend in ceilings fans, light fixtures etc., then opt for shades closest to the wall and ceiling colour.

A white ceiling fan will be able to seamlessly blend in with a white ceiling. Of course, white doesn’t have to boring! You can perk it up by choosing one with a sleek design and flecks of silver in it like this ceiling fan from Bajaj (pictured above).  Its Aerodynamic design and high air delivery will definitely win you over!

Add Some Wooden Drama!

Wood is definitely a style that can go either rustic or rich, depending on how you use it around your house.

If your décor style has a rich, luxurious feel to it or even a vintage old-world charm, then a wooden-finish fan is just what you are looking for.

Bajaj’s Wenge Wood Ceiling Fan (pictured above) not only offers a powerful performance, but has a shankless design and a wooden finish to enhance the décor drama of your room. The entire range of fans is also perfect if you have wooden floors.

In case your home has a toned down, rustic look with light shades of wooden furniture and décor items used, then this Bajaj Shinto fan will fit right in.

Its understated style and muted shade of wooden finish will add on to the décor without being ostentatious. Moreover, its cutting-edge technology offers whisper-quiet operation. Sometimes, simplicity does speak volumes!

Not a Child’s Game!

Your child deserves the best. Watch your kid be mesmerized not only with the fantasy-themed room but with the fan as well.

Even planning for your children’s room is a breeze with Disney- and superhero-themed ceiling fans that fit right in with rest of the interiors.

This range of Disney & Friends Fans will add some colourful fun, and instantly become a favourite of your child. Its stationary bottom cover ensures that you get to see the characters even when the fan is running, while its scratch-proof surface makes it extra durable. 

Bajaj fans are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer a powerful performance, making them a must-have in your chic homes.


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Fun as well as informative read!

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Happy New year

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