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Declutter your Kitchen! - 6 Ideas for an Organised Kitchen

Dec 04, 2017

Organised Kitchen

With Diwali just a heartbeat away, it is imperative that our homes look festive ready. But many-a-times, we tend to overlook the humble kitchen even though it undergoes a lot of strain during the festive season.

But fret not! As we decided to take you through hacks that can help declutter and beautify your kitchen.

Label, And Then Label Some More :- Adding some attractive labels to your jars and containers not only makes them easy to identify, but eyecatching as well. ContainersPegboard It: Free up some storage space by using a pegboard in your kitchen to hang your ladles, spatulas and pans. You can even create a DIY pegboard if you are up for it.

Veggie Baskets to The Rescue :- Don’t store onions, garlic and potatoes randomly in your kitchen. Instead, buy some veggie baskets to store them. You can even paint them in gold or silver and hang them in a rack to up your kitchen’s style game. Veggie BasketDrawer Trays :-  These will be your new best friend when it comes to decluttering. Just place them in your drawers and be prepared to be organized!

List It Down: Creating a to-do list helps keep you organised when the pressure is on! See it at one glance by using colourful magnets to stick it on your refrigerator. Colourful MagnetsSay No to Hoarding :- Last but definitely not the least is this! Make sure that you throw out all unnecessary items from your kitchen. Also, declutter your table top as well as the top of your refrigerator and microwave. Remember to keep only the essentials.

Finally, hang some red and yellow streamers or a string of fairy lights to give your kitchen that festive look. Bam! Your kitchen is now festive ready. Fairy lights


User Comment Daph 12/23/2017 12:49:13 AM

Lights in kitchen is what I learnt the most from the post, and it does look lovely with the effect on the glass well labled bottles. !

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