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Shield your fan from germs and say bye-bye to dust, here’s how

Jul 18, 2019


Imagine for a moment that you walk into your home after an exhausting day to discover dirty ceiling fans. When I say dirty, it means they are so dirty that it looks like there is a small, furry animal hanging out on top of the blades.

You may consider yourself a clean person, but sometimes it is daunting to reach the spot in your home that you had truly never considered before, which is coated in dust or hidden enemies. Ceiling fans are magnets for dust and whatever else is floating in the air, which can spread germs all over your room.

If your fans are dirty, they can be intimidating to clean. After all, if you use a duster, you are going to knock all that dust onto the floor or your furniture, right? And remember, dirty ceiling fans can fling dust and other particles around, contaminating open food and water in the room, furthermore causing diseases to your family.

While we strive to keep our homes clean and safe, there are germs lurking around us which pose an imminent threat to our health and well-being. This has made consumers conscious about the need for products that can combat germs. Concerned about how to safeguard your family from germs and dust on fans?

Now, say goodbye to dust particles, and bring home Bajaj’s new range of Anti-Germ & Bye-Bye Dust Ceiling Fans for health and well-being of your family.

Starting at a price of INR 2,800 onwards, this first-of-its-kind range comes with Anti-Germ Technology which kills upto 99.2% germs on the fan, thus resulting, in their eventual destruction, a premium metallic finish, and vibrant new colours to protect your family as well as to give your home a smart look.

If you are planning to gift someone a healthy life, Bajaj’s new anti-germ technology fans are the best bet as it comes with the Bye-Bye Dust feature powered by Advanced Polymer Technology which prevents dust from accumulating on the surface, thereby enabling quick and hassle-free cleaning.

Available in three variants and refreshing new colours - Harrier Anti-Germ BBD, Euro NXG Anti-Germ BBD, and Elegance Royale Anti-Germ BBD, these ceiling fans come equipped with the bye-bye dust coating, powered by advanced polymer technology.

Not only it enhances the overall aesthetics of your house, but also protects your family from various dust-related problems.

Recently, I gifted my parents Bajaj’s Drupe Green Euro NXG Anti-Germ BBD fan on their anniversary. All these years, my mother had been using the traditional way of cleaning the fan blades, i.e. with hand gloves, step ladder and a dusting cloth, which was a tedious job for her. With anti-germ fans, the cleaning process has become very simple for her. My mother was so elated after receiving the gift that she recommended it to all my extended family members. Now, that’s what we call a prized possession!

During monsoon, the incidence of contracting breathing-related allergies increases with the drop in temperature and increase in the dampness in air. Hence, it is very important to keep the ceiling fans clean for fresh air during the season.

So, here’s why you should consider buying anti-germ fans?

    Kills germs on the fans
    Easy to clean
    Prevents dust from accumulating on the fan surface
    Increases air circulation
    Protects your family from various air-borne diseases

Don’t let a little dust transform your ceiling fan from an enjoyable asset into a frustrating liability. You can now easily browse these products from the convenience of your home simply by clicking here.

In addition to this, Bajaj Electricals has an array of premium ceiling fans with decorative elements to suit your home decor. You can also check different kinds of trendy fans that you can choose from based on your décor style.


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