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5 unusual things you didn't know a clothes iron can do

Aug 07, 2019


Look beyond the cozy weather, and you will find a hefty amount of complaints about the monsoon. Be it traffic jams, muddy puddles to wet clothes, life becomes messy during these few months.

With monsoon, iron becomes our prized possession for drying clothes. But this small wonder isn’t just for the laundry room anymore. Whether it’s for cleaning or doing crafts, this wrinkle remover can be used in various alternative ways that can make your everyday tasks easier.

Dent Remover

Have you ever accidentally dropped something on your wooden table? Well! It might have happened, which afterward left a big horrible dent. But, not to worry! Pick up your iron and fix it. Wonder how? Wet the dent and place a damp paper towel over it. Turn the iron to a hot setting and in circular motions, move it over the dent for 3-4 minutes. After 30-40 seconds, set the iron aside and lift the fibres with a stiff brush.

Laminate Memories

Tempted to buy a laminating machine? Well, now you don’t have to! From photos to ID cards, you can now laminate anything by simply using an iron. Turn the iron on the cotton setting. Place the item you want to laminate in the laminating plastic pouch. Now, place the pouch inside any cloth material (be it your towel or old t-shirt). Press firmly for 30 seconds over the area. Let it cool for 20-30 seconds and remove. Voila!

You can also use Bajaj MAJESTY Estella Iron for making some cool DIY stuff. Click here to know how.

Cook delicious breakfast recipes

Are you in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich? But feeling lazy to go to the kitchen? Well, it’s time to pick up your iron again! You can cook easy breakfast recipes on the surface of your iron. Its hot metal plate is an outstanding alternative solution for quick breakfasts that don't require a stove such as cheese toast, grilled sandwiches, and many more!

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Get rid of chewing gums from your clothes

Do you also feel annoyed after finding chewing gums on your clothes? Well! We have a solution. Place a clean cardboard on a flat surface. On it, place the item of clothing gum-side down. Set the iron to medium and iron the garment on the back. Once the gum becomes softer, it will stick to the cardboard. Now, peel the clothing and the gum will be left behind on the cardboard.

Remove candle wax from fabric

Whether you are having a candlelit dinner or facing power cuts, spilling hot wax can be very pesky sometimes. But, don't panic! Luckily, an iron can provide an easy fix. First, let the wax dry completely, and use a knife to scrape off the cold wax. Lay a paper bag or towel over the wax area. Now, set your iron to low heat and gently run over the bag and the paper will absorb what's left.

After all these discoveries, you may never look at your iron in the same way again!

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