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Master the Most Tiring Chore of All - Perfectly Ironing a Shirt

Dec 04, 2017


If you have always hated the chore of ironing a shirt, then you have come to the right place.

They aren’t called ‘chores’ just like that. They can get tedious, and even if they look simple, don’t fall into the trap. For instance, do you think ironing is just about running an iron all over your shirt, at the cost of even burning it? There is a method that will make your lives simple. And, after reading this how-to, you will not have to iron your shirt like this ever again!The iron is not coming to get you. Don’t fret at all! breath-and-startOkay, so now that you are ready, take a deep breath and start! Front-Back-Front
  • Front-Back-Front. Repeat. That is how you win against this chore. Trust us, winning this is a lot easier than the Game of Thrones.
  • If you are a ‘rightie’, start with the right front side of the shirt and vice-versa for the lefties.
  • Look out for plackets (the patch where your buttons and button holes co-exist). They need to be pressed over and under.
  • When you’re turning, go for long strokes than just pressing the shirt. You don’t want to burn your shirt before that big date.
  • Now, go over to the front side. Relax, it is not as frightening as the dark side. Keep it slow and steady. Work your way around the buttons.
  • Save them from the heat, with our Steam Iron MX 25. You have got to see its power of 1250W to believe us.
  • The steam iron is armed with 73 steam pores, which helps in removing the creases quickly.
  • We are just at the bottom leg of this ‘tricky’ chore. All you have got to do is pinch and stretch the shirt arm.
  • Check out for creases. Iron out both the sides. And give a grand finish by ironing out the cuff.

If you feel a little dicey, put your faith in the Bajaj Majesty MX 25. Stress no further. Iron away!


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