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Uber - Cool DIY Gifts You Can Make Using an Iron

Dec 04, 2017


Throughout the year, it’s not just the celebrations that demand your attention. It often is about thinking what you can gift your loved ones.

A personalized gift, made for someone important to you, will hold an extra-special place in their heart. It’s particularly tough if you’re rolling on a tight budget, yet want to make a big impression. So, you have a saviour in Bajaj Electricals and we’ve come up with some exciting cool DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) gifts, which you can try making with our Bajaj MAJESTY Estella Iron.

Sounds exciting, right? Check them out below:

  • DIY Printed Cushion Cover

Move over boring cushions and say hello to printed cushions! They make for a unique present and you can turn yours fabulous with this simple DIY hack.   


Iron-on transfer paper
Bajaj Iron & Ironing Board
Sewing Machine & Thread


  • Find the image that you want on your cushion cover, if the image has words, make sure to print the reverse image.
  • Print your image on iron-on transfer paper.
  • Place a cushion case underneath the transfer paper, then trim the paper around the graphic and place it where it will go on the fabric.
  • With the Bajaj Iron, iron on top of the paper into the fabric. Make sure to apply a lot of pressure for best results.
  • Slowly pull out the paper, make sure that the image stayed on the fabric. In case it didn’t fully transfer, simply iron it again and apply lots of pressure.
Once it has cooled down, place the cover over the cushion and now it is ready for use!

  • DIY Printed T-Shirt

Tees are the perfect gift for any kind of occasion. However, if you’re tired of always buying a new t-shirt to gift, why not reuse an old one? Just take a plain t-shirt, preferably white, and transform it into something incredible with this hack. 


Iron-on Transfer
Sheet of Printer Paper
Bajaj Iron


  • Pick an image or design that you want printed on the t-shirt and stick it on the sheet of printer paper.
  • Scan the image and reverse it, then print it on a transfer paper.
  • Take a plain t-shirt and place it on the ironing board. Cut the design print from the transfer paper and place it on the t-shirt.
  • Iron on the design with Bajaj Iron. Make sure to apply pressure evenly so that the print comes out right.
Once you’re done, allow the transfer to cool for two minutes. Then, slowly and carefully remove the transfer, bottom first.

  • DIY Printed Shoes

If the person you’re planning to gift owns a pair of Canvas shoes, you’re in luck! You can just borrow it from them for a while and using a cool design print and the Bajaj Iron, transform them into the hottest fashion trend this festive season.


Canvas Shoes
Iron Transfer Paper
Pattern to Print
Bajaj Iron


  • Print the pattern of your choice on the iron transfer paper.
  • Cut the paper into the shape of the shoe or the places where you want to print. Use the Bajaj Iron to iron the pieces of paper little by little.
  • Iron the pattern all over the shoes. You can use a pillowcase over the paper to avoid burning the print or the shoe.
  • Once you’ve ironed on all the areas, peel off the paper slowly. Use the tip of the iron on any areas that you may feel haven’t been printed right.
  • To complete the transformation, you can also replace the laces with ones that go well with the new pattern.

These simple DIY gifts aren’t just fun to make, but make for memorable gifts as well! While these examples may have ignited a creative spark in you, we would love to see how well your DIY experiments with our Bajaj Iron turn out! Drop us a comment below…


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