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6 Easy Tips for Better Air Cooler Performance This Summer

Apr 05, 2022

After a tiring hot day in the sun, you come back home to a refreshing beverage and switch on your Air Cooler to lie down and rest.
A few minutes pass, and you realize that there is no water in the tank! You summon your willpower to refill it and get back to bed again. This time, several minutes pass - but the Cooler is not ‘cooling’ anymore!!
Ever experienced a frustrating situation like this during the hot arid days of summer when even an ounce of cool breeze is priceless?
Coolers are budget-friendly appliances with longer shelf life to cool the air, however, they need timely maintenance for optimal performance. Often, simple practices like regularly cleaning the water tank and changing the water works well. There are also some minor changes that you can make with regards to your usage of the Air Cooler for a drastic improvement in its performance.
We have curated these 6 simple tips to ensure that your Air Cooler performs efficiently this summer season - and helps you beat the heat with a chill!

1. Ensure Adequate Room Ventilation
Unlike Air Conditioners, Air Coolers work best in properly ventilated areas. This makes consistent airflow necessary for Air Coolers to ensure effective cooling. Also, good ventilation is vital to pushing the humidity out of the room.
Best practices include exposing the rear side of the Air Cooler to the external environment i.e. window, door, or galley way of your home. Another helpful tip is to ensure an ‘exclusive airflow’ by the cooler. That means closing any other source of ventilation or air leakage that might affect cooling.

2. Placement is Key for Air Coolers
Air coolers function on the principle of evaporative cooling, which means that the more hot air that gets in, the faster will be the evaporation, resulting in cooler air. Position your Air Cooler in such a way near a window that it gets an adequate supply of fresh air while pushing the cool air it produces to the distant corners of the room.
If you have a medium to large-sized room, Air Coolers with powerful air throw (from 50 to 90 feet) will be adequate. You can check out high-performance Air Coolers with Typhoon Blower technology  and Turbo Fan technology by Bajaj here.

3. Ensure Full Water-Level
As mentioned above, the evaporative cooling process is dependent on air and water. While fresh hot air gets drawn into the cooler, the water should be maintained at the right level to continue the cooling process.
Always ensure adequate water level as running the Air Cooler without enough water can cause serious damages. An adequate water level at all times will result in optimal performance while ensuring a prolonged lifespan for the cooler too.

4. Add Ice for Maximum Cooling
Most people use Air Coolers after the water tank is filled with water up to the brim. However, adding some ice to the water can work wonders for you. For instance, modern Air Coolers by Bajaj come with dedicated ice compartments.
The pads become cooler as you add ice to the chamber, further reducing the temperature of the airflow. Just fill the ice chamber with lots of ice cubes and enjoy the cool, comforting breeze.

5. Saturate the Cool Pads Before Use
Pre-cooling the pads enhances the Air Cooler’s performance. It is recommended to keep the water pump running while you fill water in the Air Cooler to make it more effective. This allows the cooling pad to soak the water before you use it and it drops the temperature of sucked-in air further.
Once the tank is full, you can switch on the Air Cooler’s fan and treat yourself to a cool breeze.

6. Use Air Cooler with Humidity Control
Air Coolers add moisture to the air as part of the cooling process. However, humidity can also disrupt the evaporative cooling process. Therefore, you need a way to keep the humidity in check. While proper ventilation can be enough to curb humidity in most instances, you can consider using an Air Cooler with in-built humidity control to keep the climate in control.
Bajaj’s range of advanced Air Coolers come with an in-built humidity control valve to help you set a comfortable temperature for the room - whether you prefer personal coolers, tower coolers, desert coolers, or window coolers.

Chillax this Summer Season…
Keeping your Air Cooler in good shape and maintaining the diligence of usage as mentioned above can help you chill through the summer comfortably.
If you are looking to upgrade to high-performance Air Coolers that provide best-in-class cooling and convenient features along with stylish looks to compliment your home decor, visit Bajaj’s online store to explore suitable options.


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