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Handy Appliances for the Rainy Days!

Aug 03, 2018


It’s that time of the year again, when rain comes visiting in its full glory.  And of course, nature is not bothered by whether you love the season or hate it. Nature is as nature does! So, the best thing to do is to be prepared for the onslaught of rains, whether you are stepping out or staying in.

With technology making our lives simpler in infinite ways, finding comfort at home or while travelling is right at your fingertips. We decided to curate a list of home appliances that will ease your life during the monsoon season.

Keep It Warm

Who doesn’t remember playing in the rains during our childhood? A few courageous ones amongst us even do it in the adult life. Getting soaked in the rains might have its own romance, but don’t forget to take a quick warm shower when you come back home. This regulates the body temperature and helps to avoid the common flu.

A water heater in your bathroom is the best bet when you want hot water in an instant. The house of Bajaj Electricals offers some quality water heaters in different capacities as well as aesthetically pleasing designs to suit your requirements.

Less Grease, More Health!

Monsoons and Bhajiyas (fritters) go hand in hand. And, so does the zillion litres of oil that goes in making them. Nowadays, air fryers can go one step further in your goal to stay healthy by using minimal oil to fry any fried items you want to indulge in. But, they will cost you!

In case you have no plans to buy an air fryer, then even nonstick pans and kadais help in this regard. Simply invest in some quality cookware that have multilayered nonstick coating. If you love grilled sandwiches, kebabs, cutlets and more, then buying a grill sandwich maker like the Majesty Ultra Grill Sandwich Toaster will definitely be a great investment. You no longer have to rely on undependable food delivery services, as creating your favourite snacks will be such a breeze.

Chai Garam!

Of course, pakodas without a cup of our favourite chai does not do justice at all. An electric tea maker will save you precious time and effort by brewing your favourite cuppa. You can also go for a multifunctional kettle that will not only make you fresh tea or coffee but can even boil pasta or eggs, make soups and more. The KTX9 Multifunctional Kettle from Bajaj is the perfect appliance to complement your lazy mornings.

Dry Mode On!

Getting wet in the rains during the monsoon season is almost a mandatory and most of the times an unforeseen event. In such situations, having an iron handy is such a boon. You no longer have to be at the mercy of the sun to dry out your favourite shirt, which let’s face it rarely makes an appearance during these months. In walks the humble but efficient iron!

This appliance can easily help in drying out the slightly damp clothes as well as smoothing out the creases. You can choose from a dry or steam iron, depending upon your requirements. The iron helps you look sharp, even when the weather is dull and dreary.

Let there be light!

In many parts of the country, you will find that rainfall and thunderstorm usually accompany each other. And, along with it, comes the problem of load shedding. Everyday routine gets disrupted time and again due to such load shedding issues. And though candle light dinners sound romantic, they may not be that practical on a daily basis, especially if you have a deadline pending.

In such a situation, keeping an emergency light handy is such a boon for any home. You no longer have to wait to finish that important project or just have dinner with your family, since powerful portable LED lights will illuminate the darkness efficiently. Also, these convenient emergency lights come in handy at ill-timed situations to ensure your safety as well.

There you have it. Handy, budget appliances that will be a boon for you throughout the season of monsoon. Just ensure that you invest in quality products that offer warranty as well, so that you are all set to meet the season head on.

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User Comment Sanjeev Wadekar 8/5/2018 7:23:52 PM

Awesome, Chai & Pakoda is my favorite for welcoming the Rains. Thanks, wonderfully articulated !!! Bajaj appliances and rains compliment each other.

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User Comment Diparati Ghosh 8/5/2018 10:49:08 PM

Nice read and informative :)

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