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Single in the city? These must-have kitchen appliances will help you survive

Jul 03, 2019


It may sound thrilling, but living and managing life alone in a city is different from what you see in movies or read in books and it is a not-so-good feeling for most of the people.

You expect a lifestyle that’s all fascinating, with the new found freedom and friends, but there’s a tweak! During the initial days, you realize that life is not the sunshine and all things fine. From working tirelessly in a corporate firm to cooking and doing dishes, you might have to do all for a better living.

Bachelors feel that cooking is more demanding than washing the dishes, and prefer to consume outside food. However, considering the rising number of health issues, it has become necessary to avoid junk food. Here's where smart kitchen appliances can make your work easy, and you can easily get these products online.

So, if you have just moved out of your home, these smart appliances will make cooking comfortable for you by saving time and energy.

Sandwich Maker: Who doesn’t love sandwiches and burgers? Thanks to this small miracle, which can quench our hunger spasms even at odd hours. Yes, we are talking about a sandwich maker! All you need is to get all the edible things (be it veggies, cheese, salami, etc.) at one place and make your own innovative sandwiches. Besides, you can also grill veggies, paneer, chicken or mutton chunks at an instant using a sandwich maker. If you love grilled sandwiches, then buying a sandwich maker like the Bajaj Majesty Ultra Grill will definitely be a great investment.

Electric Rice Cooker: From making pulses to cooking rice, a cooker is a multitasking appliance found in every household kitchen. Rice cookers are handy device and help in making one-pot meals within a short duration of time. All you need to do is to add your choice of vegetables and rice and leave the job of making a healthy dinner to this small wonder. One of the good bets for really busy people, it keeps your food warm even if you’re opening it after hours of making.

To get your hands on all the different variants of rice cookers, just visit our site here.

Electric Kettle: Do you like to make coffee, tea, and other things that require hot water? For bachelors, an electric kettle could be a lifesaver. From making piping hot tea to making all-time favourite Maggi noodles, a multifunctional electric kettle can also be used to boil pasta or eggs, make soups, etc., making life much simpler. With an electric kettle, enjoy your ready-to-eat meals without any fuss. Just add hot water and your instant meal is ready in a pinch. You can also go for the KTX9 Multifunctional Kettle from Bajaj to complement your lazy mornings.

Hand Blender: Come millennials, and they wouldn’t have anything that would do injustice to their body shapes. Can rightly be categorized as fitness freaks, these bunch of people prefers juices, smoothies for a healthy living. While we are talking about health, natural juices are more nutritious and better digested than raw fruits.

From pureeing, chopping to grinding and mixing, a hand blender is a great appliance that has the ability to perform many tasks in one go. You can be dependent on these hand blenders for easy-peasy smoothies and milkshakes that will quench your thirst and keep you satisfied.

Induction: With great technology, comes great innovation! After the advent of the induction cooktops, life has become pretty easy for many people. Unlike traditional cooking gas connection, it is absolutely safe to use and comes with pre-set cooking modes. Moreover, its compact size requires minimal space, making it easy to carry. Go and get yourself one of the most helpful bachelor gadgets in the market today!

Mixer Grinder: A mixer grinder is definitely the most basic of appliances, but one that we absolutely cannot do without! So, if you are a novice when it comes to using a mixer grinder or a seasoned veteran in the field of kitchen appliances, this device is a complete boon. If you want to try your hands in cooking a seasoned meal, then mixer grinder can be your safest bet as it can grind seeds to powder, mix stuff or blend cooking ingredients. Additionally, we can also make natural juices and smoothies to soothe and hydrate our entire body. All you need to do is to combine your veggies and fruits in the mixer jar with some water. So, if you are planning to buy a mixer grinder, check out our range here.

Staying away from home is an experience and one should come across at least once in a lifetime. As you are now updated with the must-have kitchen appliances, it is equally important to buy these appliances from a renowned brand such as Bajaj. Bajaj Electricals have been the trusted brand in consumer appliances for decades. To know more about Bajaj appliances, Click HERE.


User Comment Pradeep 7/4/2019 3:17:47 PM

Amazing ideas and a great range of products, these are surely survival kit. Now all you need is someone who can cook for you. :p

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User Comment Priyadarshini Das 7/4/2019 9:01:29 PM

Simple hacks, simpler solutions - Thanks to Bajaj Appliances, life truly get simpler for kitchen "novice" and "experts".

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