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Things to consider while buying a microwave oven

Jan 06, 2021


Gone are those days when the microwave oven was just considered as a reheating device. With technology innovations and advancements, now we have microwaves that can multitask and do a lot more than just reheating.

Dramatically modifying the kitchen setting, the microwave oven is an important part of the culinary environment and does not take up much space either.

The moment you decide to buy a microwave oven and walk into a store or begin your online shopping, you will encounter seemingly endless options, types, sizes configurations and other created technical features that you wouldn’t have heard before.

While the question of whether or not you should own a microwave is an easy one, steering through the wide array of microwave options available to purchase is a daunting task altogether. Based on the needs and requirements, here’s a small guide on things that you need to consider while purchasing a microwave oven.

Types of Microwave Ovens:

  • Solo microwave oven

Solo microwave ovens are the standard microwave-only models that are ideal for re-heating food, cooking ready-meals, and defrosting frozen food.

  • Grill microwave oven

The Grill microwave oven offers the same basic features as the Solo microwave oven and features an additional grilling option. Most grill microwave ovens allow users to operate both grill and oven functionalities together or separately for more flexibility while cooking. Equipped with a 30-minutes cooking alarm, the Bajaj 2005 ETB (20 Litre) Microwave Oven is surely going to be an asset to your kitchen.

  • Convection microwave oven

    This type of oven uses a heating element and an internal fan to cook food evenly. These ovens are ideal for baking cakes or bread or roasting chicken and more. These ovens offer a wide range of functions such as defrost, heat, roast, brown, crisp, bake and Food Cook Menu.

Size of the kitchen matters:

This multifunctional appliance comes in everything from .5-cubic-feet to 1.5-cubic-feet models. But first, you want to consider how much space you have in your kitchen area, as well as what you’ll be putting inside it. Measure your go-to dinner plates before you go buying a new set for your home.

Power capacity is crucial:

The higher the wattage, the more your microwave will function. If you want to do more than just cook popcorn or bake potatoes you will require a mid or full-size microwave. However, preparing a full meal will require a large model and higher power. Full-size ovens come with 1000-1600 watts of power and mid-size oven comes with 800-1000 watts of power. If you are living with your friends and the food is to be prepared for 1-2 people, then a less powerful microwave is also sufficient.

Microwave Ovens come in various sizes:

Another factor to consider while buying a microwave is its capacity, which is measured in litres which suggests how much food can be cooked in one go. Are you a bachelor? Or married and have kids? All these questions will surely stimulus the style and size of the microwave oven one should buy.  The ideal capacity of the microwave depends on your family size and requirements.  Based on your needs, Bajaj microwave ovens come with different capacities such as 17L, 20L, 23L, 25L.

Additional features shouldn’t be missed:

Microwave ovens these days offer a variety of features to simplify the cooking process. Before buying a new oven, one should also be aware of must-have features such as automatic defrost, preheat, or specialized pre-programmed setting. Especially beneficial for people who are amateur in cooking, an ‘Auto Cook’ option can be a great boon. Here you don’t need to set time and power configuration, all you need to do is to select a dish from the auto cook menu and press start. In order to have a tension-free cooking experience, microwave ovens also come with a child lock facility where you can set a password to unlock.

Investing some time in choosing the best microwave oven for yourself and your family can save you a lot of money. Bajaj Microwave oven makes your cooking and the time spent in the kitchen hassle-free. Bajaj Microwave ovens come with Smart Cook Menu options for hassle-free cooking and Child Lock feature for safety. You can browse through our range of microwave ovens online at


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