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Tips to dry clothes in monsoon with Iron

Aug 10, 2020

Clothes pile up, wet clothes refuse to dry, moisture gets loaded in the rooms, and at times cause many health concerns. When it all confounds, the charm of monsoon comes apart and causes more worries. One such common problem in the season is being unable to let clothes to dry under natural sunlight on a clothesline. A good way to handle moist clothes is to choose a handy iron for drying purposes.

Here’s how you can dry your clothes faster during monsoon:

Two towel technique: 

Put a large soft towel down and lay the piece of clothing on top. Then roll up the towel into a sausage (garment inside) and twist it tightly, starting at one end, working your way along, until the entire towel is twisted. This squeezes excess water out of your clothes and into the towel, making your apparel semi-dry. Once done, place your clothing straight on an ironing board and lay a thin towel over the top of it. Plug in your iron, turn it on and keep it on a low temperature setting. Press the towel evenly on all the sides using an iron. This channels some heat into the cloth material without causing any damage. You can now easily browse through various options at and buy an iron online that suits your requirements.

Iron while damp:

Are you still planning to wait eternally for clothes to dry naturally in the monsoons? Without a doubt, we all love monsoon, but this season is notorious for many reasons. With the rainy season, you don’t have the mercy of the sun to dry out your clothes. In this gloomy condition, a handy iron can easily help in drying out the slightly damp clothes as well as flattening out the creases. When clothes are wet, creases are easy to iron.

Practically, ironing your damp clothes saves a lot of time and effort. However, you should consider the type of fabric you are dealing with. Delicate fabrics such as silk should be as dry as possible, whereas, denims and other similar fabrics are much more resistant. While ironing, pay attention to pockets, underarm areas and cuffs. If you feel a little dicey with your ironing skills, put your faith in the Bajaj Majesty One Iron. Stress no further. Iron away!

Use a high spin: 

Use a high spin setting on your washing machine so that the majority of water content is removed from your clothes. Before you place the wet laundry under the iron, a few vigorous shakes will help to get rid of the bigger wrinkles.

Use your Iron Board: 

Using a steam iron for drying purposes saves a lot of time as you can skip turning each item over in order to get rid of creases. If you are dealing with a pile of laundry, start with the delicate fabrics first as these draperies need to be ironed at a lower temperature. Gradually, move up to a higher temperature as you iron various fabrics such as cotton etc. Place the clothing straight on the iron board, spray water evenly and work the iron in strokes away from your body to ensure that no new creases are forming when you bend over the clothing.

Steam Irons come in higher wattages, with powerful steam output to even out the toughest of the creases. Rains cause heavier electrical cord damage than any other season. Thanks to the retractable cord, Bajaj Majesty Retract 2000 Watts Steam Iron is easy to store and acts as a good bet during monsoon.

Equipped with multiple safety features, Bajaj Electricals offers a wide range of steam irons and dry irons for an unperturbed ironing experience.


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