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Which One to Buy – 3 Blade Fan v/s 4 Blade Fan

Dec 04, 2017

If there’s one thing that you can’t live without during the constantly changing Indian climate, is a Fan. friendsErr… Not them. 4 blade fan

Yup, there we go. Much better.

While the Air-conditioner is the go-to appliance in this hot and sweaty weather, most households still prefer to use a fan. But even fans are tricky, especially since they come in different variants. The popular one among them is a 3 blade fan which looks like this: 3 blade fan It also comes in a 4 blade variant which looks like this: 4 blade fan

However, a lot of people argue over which is better, the 3 blade one or the 4 blade one.

If you’re also dicey about which type of fan you should get, don’t you worry, we’ve got your back! Well for starters, here’s something you ought to know about fans: They don’t cool rooms, they just provide air circulation in the room to cool you.

Now, that information may or may not influence your decision while purchasing a ceiling fan. But at least, it will help in clearing any untoward reservation that you have regarding fans. And coming to the main topic, whether you should get a 3 blade fan or a 4 blade fan, we’ve made a cool list of pros and cons which you can check out below:

3 Blade Fans


1. They’re pocket friendly.
2. They’re aesthetically pleasing.
3. They have dynamic blade balance.
4. They have high speed.


1. Some of them are noisy.
2. They aren’t likely to be utilized in rooms using air-conditioner 
3. The less number of blades results in less air flow.
4. The speed has no impact in cooling the room, it will only cool the person in the room.

4 Blade Fans


1. They’re less noisy.
2. They’re useful in a room with an air-conditioner. 
3. They’re more stylish in looks.


1. The higher the number of blades, the slower it moves the air.
2. They’re expensive.
3. They have more aerodynamic drag in the motor.

Well, there you have it!  Everything you need to know about a 3 blade fan and a 4 blade fan. So we guess it’s time for you to get your shopping cart ready and pick your ceiling fan. ceiling fanEven if you’re going for a 3 blade fan or a 4 blade fan, there’s one place which will offer the best deals on them both – Bajaj Electricals. You can visit their store or simply log into their online shop, and get yourself a brand new ceiling fan!


User Comment Sanjeev Wadekar 12/24/2017 5:47:31 PM

Insightful information, was always confused with 3 blades or 4 blades.

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