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The CitiLite segment of Bajaj Electricals offers intelligent lighting solutions for urban and rural-municipal or local governing bodies. We are positioned to offer scalable IoT-enabled lighting solutions and consultancy depending on your requirements. BEL has the required competencies for rollout and integration as well as maintenance and ongoing support. Our dedicated IoT team of solution consultants, product managers and service supporters ensure that timelines are met and stringent quality standards are adhered to while executing projects. Under this segment, you can even revamp conventional lights to more energy efficient and smarter lighting solutions.

Our smart luminaires come with sensors that will generate an enormous amount of data as well as enable predictive data analytics to help you understand what is going on with your outdoor lighting. Imagine power theft alerts, daylight-sensor based dimming, video analytics, integrated sensor-based surveillance solution, all made possible by the power of data and the new light it sheds. With the advent of CitiLite, features like intensity control, sensor integration and group dimming enable higher rate of energy savings as well as lower impact of light pollution and CO2 emissions. Moreover, you can also expect lower maintenance costs as well as seamless compatibility with third-party products and services. All these features and benefits not only give you a better rate on investment (ROI) but also lead to a sustainable environment.

With an established track record of executing successful projects, BEL offers the required expertise to meet your requirements. Under a couple of notable projects, we have enabled smart lighting and security solution in a Mumbai campus of India’s largest industrial company, delivering energy efficiency and safety though smart poles as well as provided smart street lighting solution for one of the municipal corporations in southern state, delivering more than 70% energy cost savings over traditional lights.
Get futuristic lighting solutions for your outdoors with CitiLite solutions!