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With years of experience and expertise in lighting solutions and luminaires, Bajaj Electricals has now ventured into the space of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled solutions for cities. With the government recently launching the ‘Smart Cities Mission’, across cities, India is slowly waking up to the global sensation. The main objective of this scheme is to create a standard of living which is at par with developed countries around the world. Keeping the objectives set by the Government of India in mind, the CitiSol portfolio offers scalable solutions for governing bodies (rural, municipal, urban and local), industrial areas and campuses.

Under this segment, a host of services are offered by Bajaj ranging from public Wi-Fi, smart parking to smart lighting. Moreover, this platform offers services like video analytics, smart poles, asset monitoring, time-based scheduling, location mapping, heat mapping, sensor-based control and other critical services. The platform leverages data and business insights to ensure better return on investment (ROI) through improved efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Smart cities enhance your quality of life immensely by creating IoT ecosystems. Imagine power theft alerts, daylight-sensor based dimming, integrated sensor-based surveillance solution, all made possible by the power of data and the new light it sheds. CitiSol offers best-in-class technologies that deliver up to 80% energy efficiency and up to 50% operational efficiency. Safety standards also go up as alerts and alarms are set up. Moreover, you can also save up on manpower costs, easily maintain contract compliances as well as reduce scheduled maintenance.  CitiSol solutions lower your carbon footprint and light pollution, paving the way for a sustainable environment.

The CitiSol portfolio of Bajaj works on a collaborative model. We create a unified platform with open APIs that offers seamless compatibility with third party services and enables us to connect across various silos and deliver turnkey solutions to you.

Enhance the quality of your life and leave behind a greener planet by revolutionising the way your city functions!