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Dnayandeep Vidyalaya Project

At Bajaj, the culture of taking initiatives and volunteering is inculcated from the time of initiation in all the employees. Employees proactively use their skills and resources to identify projects with the communities they would want to engage with in the long term.
The team of Consumer Product Marketing, adopted a school, Dnayandeep Vidyalaya, situated in the foothills of Shive village, Khed Taluka, Maharashtra as part of its employee volunteering activity. The team members along with the school authorities and children as well as the support of the CSR department identified and prioritised various initiatives to be undertaken in the school.

The issues were as diverse as awareness programs on tobacco control, training program for adolescent students, donation of library books and science lab instruments, building a sports culture as well as overall school infrastructure upgradation. Also, our team put in a systematic planned approach for school improvisation program.  They worked alongside the students, teachers, administration, parents of the children and the community around the village for a cohesive and inclusive program to engage better as well as to address the immediate and strategic need of the village.

The program was carried out exceptionally well by our employees and resulted in a huge success. Our employees exemplified the organisation values, and also enhanced their professional and leadership skills. This program gave a direction to the employees to contribute to society in the areas they are passionate about.