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Let the lighting architecture of your commercial space speak volumes about your style!


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Introducing the Freedom range of contemporary lighting solution that breaks the shackles of monotony. Functional lighting does not have to be uninteresting anymore. Bajaj Electricals has pushed the boundaries of the ordinary to create a premium lighting solution that is innovative and bold without taking away from its functionality and efficiency. The Freedom range of commercial lighting segment offers a stunning visual experience for any contemporary décor. Consisting of four distinctive designs, Delta, Petal, Diamond and Frameless, this range gives one the possibility to create a space that can be engaging and dramatic.

What makes it even more versatile is that one can customize the designs to add their own deft touch. Create lighting masterpieces by turning them, grouping them, aligning them or sequencing them. Step into a world of aesthetically pleasing lighting experience that creates competitive differentiation in the business world.

Explore the art of illumination by delving into the Freedom design range:



Beautiful things can often be simple! With clear lines and a rectangular form,
this style range breaks the mould of boring squares to offer understated elegance.


Now flowers no longer need to be restricted to vases!
Create dainty flower-shaped lighting designs or add complexity to the style range by customizing them.


Now even commercial lighting solution can shine bright as a diamond!
Accentuate spaces with a bold, stunning visual by customizing this style range.


Never again be confined by rigidity! Experience borderless designs,
as fluidity and seamlessness is what defines this style range.

Product Range

Product Features

20-43w Wattage
>115lm/w Efficacy
< 10% THD


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