• Cityscape Lighting

Cityscape Lighting

Proper city lighting not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but also enhances its security. With a formidable amount of expertise in lighting, Bajaj provides end-to-end solutions for illuminating different parts of the city there by making it more livable. The Cityscape portfolio in the Luminaires segment of BEL includes Street lighting, Area lighting and Landscape lighting range of products to address the varied lighting requirements in an entire city.

With BEL outdoor lighting solutions, create more secure areas around the city with the range of street, area and landscape lights that not only increase the visibility at night but also keep your city looking picturesque. With features like Smart street lights, Real Time Clock (RTC), Dimming, Remote Diagnosis and many more, Bajaj paves the way for convenient and futuristic lighting system. Few of our clientele includes Jaipur Development Authority, South Central Railway of Hyderabad, Tumkur Municipal Corporation of Bengaluru and more. 

Experience uniform lighting solution, which enhances the aesthetics and appeal of your city as well as improves its security and safety.