• Commercial Lighting solutions

Commercial Lighting

Bajaj Commercial Lighting solutions ensure energy efficiency, improve quality of light, bring down operational cost and maintenance as well as extend life span of luminaires. Moreover, new lighting technologies also help commercial properties in energy conservation and sustainable growth.

Modern offices nowadays have different work areas for different tasks right from employee workstations and conference rooms to cafeterias and lounges. Bajaj, with its years of expertise in the segment, understands the need for specific lighting conditions for such areas to provide optimal lighting solutions. With the Commercial range of products, users get a variety of features that enables them to adjust, dim and brighten the luminaires in the workspace. Apart from a pleasant and human-centric working ambiance, quality lighting also stimulates employee productivity.

The correct lighting also creates a welcoming ambiance and builds a brand identity for the retail stores. Customers have a better shopping experience due to proper light distribution. Few notable projects include Persistent Systems in Pune, Accenture in Bangalore as well as Cosmos Bank, HDFC Bank, Mondelez and D-Mart.