Street Lighting

BEL Hot dip galvanized smart polygonal and conical poles are in use for illumination, power transmission and distribution, signaling, etc. for various prestigious installations in India and abroad for the last 15 years. The poles are supplied with regular or ornamental brackets and customized attachments depending on the application and specific requirementof the customers.
The Poles are designed as per BSEN 40-3-3:2003 to withstand the maximum wind speed as per IS875 or as specified by client, whichever is higher, for the actual loading of the fixtures.
The pole shaft shall have polygonal (octagonal, hexagonal or as required) or conical section, continuously tapered with one longitudinal submerged arc welding. Each shaft will be provided with base plate, fillet welded from inside and outside. The shaft is constructed from high tensile steel having minimum yield strength of 355 n/sq.mm confirming to BSEN10025, base flange ar per IS 2062 and entire structure galvanized as per BS ENISO 1461 through single dip process.
Wherever required, each pole is provided with door at a height of 500mm from bottom or at a higher height arreqired by client to have access for cable termination and control MCB. The door opening is reinforced from inside to guard against buckling.
Poles are fixed on precast or cast-in-situ RCC block foundations on studs with nuts and washers. This arrangement facilitates easy relocation of pole along with foundation, if required.
The bracket will have sleeve as cap of suitable diameter to suit with top A/F of pole and the arm length designed as per the illumination design. We can provide decorative brackets galvanized or galvanized and painted to match with ambience of the road for aesthetics.
We have facility to test the pole as per BS EN 40-3-2-2000 part 3-2.

Turnkey Project Solution

BEL provides turnkey solution from concept to commissioning for street lighting, sports lighting, Industrial electrification, etc. Over a decade, BEL has designed and executed energy efficient consumption. BEL provides SCADA controlled panels, which facilitates moniitoring of the installation, locating and maintaining the luminaires. Such systems are successfully in operation at PWD Delhi, MADC Nagpur and other locations for several years now.