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What Is Smart City?

A smart city is an amalgamation of all things smart in a city. So, right from traffic management, parking management and grid management to healthcare, water management and waste management, almost everything in a smart city will be interconnected and have a cognitive approach towards situations. In a smart city, technologies such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) come together to offer you a better, more positive living experience. Simply put, smart city projects redefine cities to make them smarter, so that your and our lives can be simpler.
Turn your city smart, and open the door to endless possibilities!  

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Why Smart Cities?

The main purpose of a smart city is to make it more people friendly as well as environment friendly. Smart cities increase the livability and workability quotient as well as makes them more sustainable. With a host of trailblazing technologies in place, smart cities provide insights, anticipate problems and have a cognitive approach towards situations. Smart cities not only enhance your quality of life, but contribute positively to our energy ecosystem, making them apt for a sustainable environment.
Change the city you live in, to change the world!

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The CitiSol portfolio of BEL offers IoT-enabled ecosystem for cities, including services like traffic management, parking management, grid management, healthcare, water management, waste management and more. We collaborate across silos to give you a unified...

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