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Bajaj Electricals Limited has a deep-rooted belief in sustainable approach to living. Endorsing this belief is the independent, dedicated solar wing - Sunsoko.

Under Sunsoko’s portfolio, we offer wide range of turnkey EPC solutions including design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning with operation & maintenance.

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Our offerings

Commercial & Industrial

Sunsoko Solar rooftop solutions will provide a good return on investment by utilizing idle roof space /ground space. Sunsoko provides customized solution can help to reduce / hedge the cost of power from solar at Rs 3.5 – 4.5 /unit * & can give 3 – 5* years on payback of investment.

Commercial & Industrial customers are eligible for Accelerated depreciation program for renewables under IT section 32 on investment for solar rooftops, whereas the depreciation claim shall be at 40% of project value in 1st year*.

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*Subjected to conditions

Commercial and Industrial Solar Rooftop Solution


Bajaj Electricals offer wide range of grid tie solar system from 3 kWp to 30 kWp in a ready kit for residential, small commercials & SME’s. Sunsoko’s solar grid tie kits are compliant to MNRE & CEIG specs.

Residential customer can avail 30% MNRE subsidy from state nodal agency.

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Residential Solar Solution

Institutional / Social sector

Sunsoko’s solar rooftop solutions can help a great deal in savings of operating expenditure for institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations.

Customer can avail net metering offered from state electricity utility companies, any excess generation from solar can be net benefited with reduction in electricity bills.

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Institutional Solar Rooftop Solutions

Solar car parking / carport

Solar rooftop carport is one of the fastest growing trends in photovoltaic solution. Sunsoko’s leads in offering & implementing the solutions for solar powered car park, where user can capitalise on un tapped ground / parking for solar energy generation.

When it comes to designing the solar canopies, number of different layouts and sizes available. Dependent on the number of rows of parking required, a photovoltaic carport is typically one, two or three rows wide. Solar parking lots, by comparison, can be large enough to span dozens of rows of parking. Installing a solar canopy can power by using wide-open stretch of pavement into a major electricity generator.

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Solar Rooftop Carport Solution


With increasing thrust in Rural electrification by GOI , the deep remote villages where transmission line is not possible due to various reasons forest, river, international border etc. those villages or it’s habitats can be electrified through Solar microgrid, which can bring these villages into main stream.

Bajaj electricals has deep distribution network to reach these villages and having technical expertise on both solar as well as electrical distribution network can do the survey, detailed design for both solar capacity and LT line with complete installation and commissioning of the plant with operation and maintenance of the system for long run.

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Solar Microgrid Solutions

Utility Solar ground mount projects

Large utility ground mount solar are grid tied solar project which feed electricity directly to grid

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Utility Ground Mount Solar Solution