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Off Grid Solar System

Through the off-grid solar systems, Bajaj brings a dependable solution of supplying affordable power to remote areas. Renewable energy is clean and free, making it suitable for our energy ecosystem. Under the solar wing of BEL, the all-in-one solar street light range and the solar rooftop system offer off-grid solar applications.
From small offices, rural banks and remote warehouses to mini power plants, petrol pumps, telecom towers and hoarding lighting, the solar rooftop system is applicable for various applications in rural areas. The range of all-in-one solar street light offers street lighting, switchyard lighting, security lighting, boundary lighting and more. Bajaj offers customizable solutions from concept to commissioning in the solar sector.
Bajaj off-grid systems offer dependability in rural and remote areas, where electricity is not accessible. Moreover, this renewable energy also ensure that one is completely self-sufficient.