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Today, solar energy systems are slowly but surely being accepted in urban and rural India as an alternate means to conventional energy. Being the leader in the illumination segment, Bajaj Electricals wants to empower businesses and communities to increase the uptake of solar power with more emphasis on generating clean, renewable power. This innate belief in sustainability made us launch the independent solar wing, Sunsoko, to offer renewable solar energy systems that replace conventional power generation solutions.

Sunsoko has an exhaustive range of solar products in both on-grid and off-grid systems. The off-grid solar system is an affordable way to supply power to rural and remote areas, while the grid-tied solar system is an economical way to reduce utility bills of residences and businesses. Moreover, these solar systems reduce the carbon footprint and contribute positively to our energy ecosystem, making them apt for a sustainable environment.

Sunsoko offers customised and optimised solar solutions depending on the requirement of residences, communities and businesses. Our team of lighting engineers, energy audit specialists and total system providers come with the required competencies to ensure that services provided are hassle free and on time. The range of products includes Solar Street Light, Solar Street Light with Decorative Poles, Solar Semi High Mast, Centralised Solar Street Light, Solar Roof Top system, Solar Portable Compact Kit, Solar Pump, Solar Panel and Solar Power Conditioning unit (PCU). Features like noise-free performance, programmable solar priority, shadow free installation and more are available depending on the product you have chosen.

Sunsoko offers services that includes installation, testing and commissioning of all solar applications. The government approved R&D laboratory offers additional assurance about our quality. Moreover, our solar panels are compatible with all industry standard mounting systems as well as charge controllers and inverters. The Solar PV panels are certified for industry standards IEC 61215, IEC 61730 (safety class I & II), IEC 61701 and CE. With a vast network of branches spread all across, BEL's solar wing has the required manpower and expertise to commence projects all over India. Our prestigious clientele includes Ahmedabad Airport, PWD in Guwahati, Semac in Hyderabad, MRF in Chennai, HP Campus in Bengaluru, L&T in Raipur, CEAT in Nagpur, RIL in Jamnagar, NTPC in Vidyanagar, JCB INDIA Ltd in Haryana, Power Department in Aizoal, Capgemini, Reliance retail across multiple cities and more.

Sustainable, clean energy is definitely the way forward for us and our planet. And, Sunsoko strives to fulfil this requirement.