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Great Gifting Ideas, This Wedding Season

Dec 04, 2017

Weddings, a time of enjoyment, laughter, pictures, dance, music, celebration  Weddings

And also, the never-ending dilemma of “what GIFT to give to the newly-married couple?

It’s mindboggling indeed, but hey! If you’re planning to gift something especially to your closest cousin or your best friend, wouldn’t it be better if instead of sending gift vouchers you can add a personal touch by gifting something useful? 

While you’re still on the lookout for that ideal gifting idea, we’ve come up with suggestions of our own that could help you. Check them out here:

1. Electric Kettle

From providing hot water for tea or coffee, or a glass of warm water, or even soup, the electric kettle is a companion throughout the day. Now that’s what we call a perfect wedding gift!

2. Electric Tea Maker Electric_Tea_MakerA tea maker to sort out the early morning need for hot tea. The newlyweds surely deserve this perfection of a gift to ease their mornings!

3. Coffee Maker
Coffee-MakerThey don’t fancy tea? No worries! You can gift them a coffee maker instead. There you go, problem solved!!

4. Pop-Up Toaster
Pop-Up-ToasterNothing defines convenience better than a pop-up toaster. If you think gifting a toaster might seem common, make sure to gift them the best one!

5. Sandwich Toaster
Sandwich_ToasterNot convinced by the toaster? Well, may we interest you in gifting a sandwich toaster instead? That’s a pretty generous upgrade, isn’t it?

JuicerIf you’re looking for something that signifies the health and goodwill of the couple, a juicer fits the bill.

7. Hand Blender

Hand Blenders are awesome for newlyweds who need to get their daily smoothie fix in a jiffy!

8. Induction Cooktop Induction_Cooktop

Whether the couple are avid travellers or have just moved into a new home without any gas connection, an induction cooker would be a blessing in disguise to them.

We know you’re already excited to attend weddings and chow down on the delicious food; but spare a thought for all the shopping that you’re going to be a part of, including that of buying the big gift. If the above list includes few options that you were planning to buy as a gift, you can always get your gift at Bajaj Electricals or visit their online store, where you can get wide range of products and options to choose from.


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