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About Us

“Enhancing quality of life and bringing happiness with sustainability”

Bajaj Electricals Limited is a globally renowned Indian Consumer Appliances and Lighting Solutions company (its Power Transmission and Distribution projects business has been demerged to form Bajel Projects Limited). Headquartered in Mumbai with a turnover of INR 5,429 crores (FY 22-23), it is a part of the $100 bn multinational conglomerate Bajaj Group founded by Shri Jamnalal Bajaj. The Company was established in 1938 and has stood the test for almost 85 years. It continues to enjoy consumer trust across various sectors it operates in and remains at the forefront of developing modern, technologically superior and aesthetic products and solutions.

Bajaj Electricals’ business portfolio spans Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Cookware) and Lighting Solutions (Consumer and Professional Lighting). They are a front runner in the industry with their key brand offerings comprising BAJAJ, Nirlep, Morphy Richards and Nex. They have an expansive network of 18 branch offices, 660+ distributors, and ~ 2 lakh retail outlets across India, combined with over 620 consumer care centres reaching 19,000 pin codes, fortifying their dominant presence in the consumer products sector. Under their Lighting Solutions business, they offer a wide range of innovative LED lamps and fixtures, including panels and battens, to consumers and are known for their prowess in street lighting, sports lighting, industrial commercial and infrastructural lighting, and undertaking specialised illumination projects on a turnkey basis amongst other solutions.

The Company believes in creating happiness with sustainability by focusing on the four key CSR pillars - Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Volunteering & Community Initiatives. Through their CSR initiatives, they enable sustained impact in environmental sustainability, education, health, arts & culture and community development achieved by direct implementation and via NGO partners.

Founding Fathers

  • Jamnalal Bajaj

    Jamnalal Bajaj was the founding father of the Bajaj Group. The adopted ‘fifth’ son of Mahatma Gandhi, and the 'merchant prince' who held the wealth he created in trust for the people of his country. Trust - a simple word that contains a whole philosophy handed down by Jamnalal Bajaj to his successors. He valued honesty over profit, actions over words and common good over individual gain.

  • Kamalnayan Bajaj

    Kamalnayan Bajaj, elder son of Jamnalal Bajaj, followed the footsteps of his illustrious father and consolidated the Bajaj foundation. With characteristic foresight and pragmatic vision, he launched a steady diversification programme which gave the current name "Bajaj" both its shape and size. His unique management style created a work culture that matched well with the national spirit he had inherited.

  • Ramkrishna Bajaj

    Ramkrishna Bajaj took over the reins of the "Bajaj group" in 1972 after Kamalnayan Bajaj had steered the Group from strength to strength for over 22 years. He had also actively participated in the freedom struggle of the country. In post independent India, he had led the youth movement. All along, he actively strengthened the foundations of business through ethics and practices both within the group and amongst the business community as well.

  • Shekar Bajaj

    Shekhar Bajaj is the Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL) – a globally renowned and trusted Indian company. He has been the past President of ASSOCHAM, IMC, ELCOMA (Electric Lamp & Components Manufacturers Association), Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India, IFMA (Indian Fans Manufacturers Association) and other reputed associations.

    Born on June 8, 1948, Shekhar Bajaj received his B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Mathematics from Pune University in 1968. After obtaining his graduate degree, he completed his MBA degree from New York University in 1974.

    Starting off in Bajaj Sevashram after his graduation, he learnt the essentials of business and gain invaluable insights into the real market and joined Bajaj Electricals Ltd. as Chief Executive in 1980. In 1975, he was appointed as the part-time Managing Director of the Mumbai-based Bajaj International Pvt Ltd and later its whole-time Managing Director. Since 1994, he has been serving as the Chairman and Managing Director of BEL.

    He is also the Chairman of Hercules Hoists Ltd and Hind Lamps Ltd, besides being Director of Bajaj Auto Limited. He has been associated with the board of Bajaj Auto Ltd since 1995.

    Born into a family whose brand image signifies trust and transparency, Shekhar Bajaj was brought up in the Gandhian principles of his grandfather Shri. Jamnalal Bajaj.

  • Mr. Anant Bajaj was the Managing Director of Bajaj Electricals Limited from June to August, 2018.

    He started his career in Bajaj Electricals as a Project Coordinator in the year 1999, where he was responsible for setting up Rs. 450mn High Mast Manufacturing and Galvanizing Plant for the Company at Ranjangaon, near Pune. As an acknowledgement of his growing understanding of the intricacies of managerial duties, he was appointed as the General Manager, Special Assignments, in 2005. Under his leadership, the exports arm, Bajaj International Pvt. Ltd. made successful forays into businesses as diverse as IT and Solar products. In February 2006, Mr. Bajaj was appointed to the Board of Bajaj Electricals Ltd. as Executive Director, later appointed as the Joint Managing Director on April 01, 2012.

    Mr. Anant Bajaj was the driving force behind integrating some of the important initiatives in the company, such as implementation and rollout of Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Range Reach Expansion Program (RREP). This has led to maximum distribution & outreach for the organisation. Because of this program, the organisation services 1.6 lakh retail counters across 440 districts every week.

    He was also responsible for setting up the R&D centre ‘AB Square’ that focuses on utilising cutting-edge technologies to create next-generation appliances. He also got the entire organisation on board with IoT analytics – a move that he believed will drive product development and create better offerings. In the year 2014, he initiated ‘Project Evolve’ to enhance the customer experience in the B2B and B2C segment. In addition, he had played a vital role in company’s strong connects with the youth demographic of the nation by partnering with some of the top youth-centric events across India. He was also on the Board of Director of Hind Lamps Ltd. and Starlite.

Brief History of Bajaj Electricals

  • 2018, Acquisition of Nirlep

    We completed the acquisition of cookware brand Nirlep Appliances with 79.85 percent stake purchase. Nirlep has become a subsidiary of Bajaj Electricals.

  • 2017, Set up of state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre

    With an objective of creating innovative products that offers best solutions to consumers, a modern R&D centre ‘AB SQUARE’ was set up at Navi Mumbai.

  • 2007, Starlight Limited Acquisition

    We acquired 32% of the share capital of Starlite Lighting Limited, a company engaged in the manufacture of Compact Fluorescent Lamps ("CFLs").

  • 2005, Distribution agreement with Trilux Lenze

    Our company entered into a Distribution agreement with Trilux Lenze of Germany for high end technical lighting.

  • 2002-2003, Bajaj Ventures Ltd. ceases to be a subsidiary

    Our company divested 50% of its shareholding in Bajaj Ventures Limited and Bajaj Ventures Limited ceased to be a subsidiary of our Company. Our Company also discontinued manufacturing die-cast components.

  • 2002, Brand licensing agreement with Morphy Richards

    Our company entered into a technical collaboration and brand licensing agreement with Morphy Richards, United Kingdom, for the sales and marketing of electrical appliances under the brand name of "Morphy Richards" in India.

  • 2000-2001, Manufacturing facility set up at Ranjangaon

    Our company set-up our manufacturing facilities including a fabrication unit and a galvanizing plant at Ranjangaon, near Pune for the manufacture of high masts, lattice towers, and related products, and the said manufacturing facilities commenced commercial production with effect from April 1, 2001.

  • 1999-2000, Black & Decker Bajaj now a subsidiary of our Company

    Black & Decker Bajaj became a 100% subsidiary of our Company upon our Company acquiring a further 50% of the shareholding thereof from Black & Decker Corporation, pursuant to which Black & Decker Bajaj was renamed as Bajaj Ventures Limited.

  • 1999, Established a wind energy generation unit in Satara

    Our company established and commissioned a wind energy generation unit with an installed capacity of 2.8 MW at Village Vankusawade, Tal. Patan, District Satara, Maharashtra.

  • 1998, New manufacturing unit at Chakan

    Our company established a new manufacturing unit at Chakan near Pune and commenced operations for manufacturing fans and die-cast components. The production of fans at our manufacturing activities of the Matchwell unit also, was gradually shifted to our Chakan unit.

  • 1993-1994, Joint venture with Black & Decker

    Our company entered into a joint venture with Black & Decker Corporation, United States, for the manufacture and marketing of power tools, household appliances, and related accessories, through a separate company named Black & Decker Bajaj Private Limited, ("Black & Decker Bajaj").

  • 1964, Matchwell amalgamated with our Company

    Matchwell Electricals (India) Limited, ("Matchwell"), a manufacturer of electric fans became a subsidiary of our Company and subsequently, with effect from July 1, 1984, the business and undertaking of Matchwell was amalgamated with our Company.

  • 1960, Bajaj Electricals Limited

    Subsequently the name of our Company was changed to Bajaj Electricals Limited, pursuant to a fresh certificate of incorporation.

  • 1938, Radio Lamp Works

    Our Company was incorporated as Radio Lamp Works Limited under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 as a public company limited by shares, pursuant to a certificate of incorporation dated