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Flag Mast

From the icy peaks of Kargil to the balmy lagoons of Kerala, we’re doing our bit to keep our tricolour flying high and proud at over 150 places all over India. Our achievements include the tallest flag mast installed at Raipur, at a height of 82 m. Everything - right from the design to the manufacturing and installation of the flag mast, has been done in-house.

The design of the flag mast is an important step in our process, as the flag poles not only have to bear all sorts of weather, but, as in the case of the tallest flag mast, it also has to tolerate wind speed and pressure due to its great height and weight. 

Being one of India’s top flag post manufacturer has been a great honour for us. As the official Flag Ambassadors of the Flag Foundation of India, we have played a key role in installing 61 of their 65 flag poles.

BEL is the manufacturer of the highest number of flag poles, and is proud to cover the most widespread area as well. As a flag-mast manufacturer, these are the small steps that we’ve undertaken to build a nation of strength and solidarity in our glorious country.

The Flag Masts have been installed at the following places:


Bajaj installed India’s First Tallest Flag Mast at a height of 63m and 72’x48’ Flag Size in Kaithal, Haryana.


Enhancing the pride of Chhattisgarh, Bajaj introduced a Flag Mast in Raipur - The Capital of Chhattisgarh, at a height of 82m and Flag Size 105’x70’.

National War Memorial of Pune and Bangalore

In memory of our martyrs, Bajaj furnished Flag Masts in two War Memorials of India i.e. Pune and Bangalore. The size of the Bangalore Flag Mast is 63m with a Flag Size of 72’x48’. The Flag Mast installed in Pune is 31m tall with 30’x20' as its Flag Size.

Kargil War Memorial, Drass

Visited by the tourists and travellers on NH 1, the Flag Mast illuminates the night sky in the heart of Jammu & Kashmir, at the Kargil War Memorial, Drass. This Flag Mast stands at a staggering height of 30.5m and its Flag Size is 30’x20’.

Indian Naval Academy, Kerala

Bajaj installed a Flag Mast in the Indian Naval Academy, Kerala - which is in the extreme south of the Indian subcontinent. The mast towers at a height of 30.5 m and the Flag Size is 30’x 20’.

Ordnance Fort, Allahabad

The Bajaj Flag Mast installed at the Ordnance Fort in Allahabad on 18th Feb., 2013 stands tall with a mast height of 30.5 m and Flag Size 30’x 20’.


Bajaj’s Flag Mast stands sentry at a height of 207 m in Lucknow with a Flag Size of 90’x60’.

Inland Container Depot New Delhi

Bajaj has installed a Flag Mast in the Capital of India, New Delhi, at the Inland Container Depot. This majestic mast stands at a height of 30.5 m and Flag Size 30’x 20’.

Airports in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi city

Several airports in India have been adorned by our National flag, thanks to Bajaj’s Flag Masts that are located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and New Delhi.
The size and dimensions of the masts are as follows:

  • Ahmedabad: Flag Mast size - 30.5 m and Flag Size - 30’x 20’.
  • Bangalore: Flag Mast size - 30.5 m and Flag Size - 30’x 20’.
  • Delhi: Flag Mast size - 30.5 m and Flag Size - 30’x 20’