Say Hello to Winter

Do you suffer from the winter blues or are you a winter baby who enjoys the weather to the T? No matter which side you are on, this curated list of essentials is all you need to face winter.

Layer Up :- Fight the biting wind by donning your lovely cashmere sweaters and coats. Even if you stay in one of those areas where you can hardly feel the chill, you can still layer up with some stylish scarves and light jackets.

Moisturise and Moisturise :- Slather up on your moisturizer but don’t forget the SPF! Any moisturiser with sunscreen should work. You can even use a few natural moisturising agents like honey, yogurt and olive oil. Also, make sure to keep a pot of Vaseline for chapped lips and cracked heels.

Winter Remedies :- With the change in the weather, an onslaught of coughs and colds is quite common. Make sure that you avoid the cold when you step out. Indulge in warm oil massages as well as lukewarm showers by using best-in-the-class water heaters from Bajaj. In case you catch a flu, try having turmeric milk or kaadha to bring some relief.

Foodgasm :- Who’s ready for some Gajar ka Halwa? Yup, this is the season for indulgence and leading the way is this mouthwatering dessert. But try to keep it healthy by including a lot of seasonal vegetables, fruits and leafy greens.

Prep Up Your Home :- Make your home cosy and winter-ready by using room heaters. Bajaj has a range of quality room heaters that you can choose from. Also, don’t forget to take out those comfy quilts to snuggle in.

Good luck prepping up, because winter is definitely coming!