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Symbiosis Luminaire Project, Indore



Units fixed


Installed supper-efficient 30 W SKYLUX XE Troffer range with 105 lm/W efficacy, which is a Global SEAD award winner for energy efficiency.

The Challenge

Symbiosis University of Appliance Sciences was already in partnership with another vendor for its lighting services, when Bajaj Electricals stepped into the picture. Symbiosis University wanted an end-to-end lighting infrastructure for its 8-acre campus. Bajaj needed to understand the requirements of the customer, and strategize a plan that will cater to their specific requirements. Furthermore, from a technical standpoint as well, BEL had to prove itself more competent than its competitor to get the project.

The Solution

With regular updates and timely response on sampling, demos as well as designing, the Bajaj team ensured that the project was completed as per the satisfaction of the customer.  The entire lighting infrastructure of the campus, indoor and outdoor, was executed successfully on the given time lines.

The following units were installed by the Bajaj team:

  • 480 Nos. 2x2
  • 800 Nos D/L
  • 180 Nos 4 ft. Connect
  • 1200 Nos tube light
  • 230 Nos BRTFG 90 W
  • 120 Nos Post Top
  • Installed award-winning 30 W SKYLUX XE 2x2 fittings

How We Did It

The Bajaj team of experts met architects, contractors, consultants and more to understand their requirements and customize a solution for them. Subsequently, a sample mockup was asked for all the major products, after which continuous consultation was undertaken to ensure that there were no ambiguities. Sampling for one entire month also ensured that the customer was confident about the deliverables.