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Things to consider while buying a room heater

Dec 02, 2019

Considered to be one of the most useful household appliances, the room heaters provide warmth in chilling winters. Room heaters today, with technological advancements neither burn a hole in your pockets with their energy consumption nor occupy too much space. Rather, they are designed to complement the aesthetics of the room while making the space cosier for the guests.

Before purchasing a room heater, it is advisable to check the safety of the unit, the type of heater, the size of the area for heating and energy efficiency.

Types of Room Heaters: 

Before selecting a space heater, the first thing to consider is what type of heater you need. There are broadly three different models of room heaters available in India.

Fan heaters: This type of heater is convenient for heating a large space in a short time. Child-safe and economical, convection heaters have a ceramic coil which heats the hot air around it, thus creating heat quickly and making it safe to touch. These heaters are also equipped with a fan that blows out the hot air, making your living space warm and cosier. You can use Bajaj Majesty RX 19 Room Heater to provide warmth to your family during winter.

Halogen heaters: Also known as Radiant room heater, this works like a campfire and provides warmth to its close proximity. It is helpful to provide heat to small spaces. Radiant heaters use quartz, halogen or metal elements combined with a reflector to direct heat at an object. These kinds of heaters are not child safe as its surface heats up fast. Equipped with multiple heat settings, Bajaj New Majesty RHX 3 Halogen Room Heater will suit your requirements in biting cold nights.

Oil-filled heaters: Power savers and consumes less electricity, Oil filled radiators are one of the best heaters. Though it takes a longer time to heat, oil room heater neither burns oxygen nor reduces humidity making it the best choice for children. As oil is used as a heat reservoir, they provide heat for a long time even after the appliance is turned off.  You may consider buying Bajaj Majesty OFR RH 9 Plus to provide warmth to your family.

Safety Features: 

The most important thing to consider before purchasing a room heater is safety. Choose heaters equipped with safety devices such as protective grills that cover the heating coils, a tip-over protection switch that will automatically shut off if it is tipped over for any reason and a cool-touch that can prevent accidental burns on the exterior.

Consider heaters that are only approved by the ISI (Indian Standards Institution) as they are tested, proven, and certified to meet specific safety standards.

Right Place: 

To prevent future accidents, picking up the right place for our space heater is one of the main vitals while purchasing a one. One of the most important things to look for is the size of the space the appliance will cover. It is advisable to place the heaters at least 2 feet away from furniture, bedding, clothing, rugs, etc. While positioning, place the heater on a hard level surface. Moreover, if you are wet or having wet hands, it is suggested not to touch the heaters, as this increases the risk of electric shocks.

Energy Efficient: 

If you are focussed about conserving energy and want to maintain low heating costs, it is advisable to compare efficiency before purchasing a room heater for your space.

Bajaj has a range of quality room heaters that you can choose from. With an aesthetically pleasing design and noiseless feature, the Bajaj room heater is one of the best room heaters to enhance the look of your room. Check it out here.

So, let’s start prepping because winter is coming!

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